Woodland Cycles is an authorized dealer of SylvanSport Go camping trailers and Go Easy kayak and bike trailers.

Please contact the shop for more information on the Go and Go Easy trailers. We currently have a demo GO camper for viewing (Demo is not available for viewing Nov-Feb). The demo is set up March-Sept and is also available for viewing outside of shop hours).

We currently have several Go campers set to arrive in early spring that have not yet been reserved. Please feel free to contact the shop to reserve one of the available campers. ETAs are not 100% and delivery times are heavily dependent on material availability.

(3x) Go’s available in May 2022 (Sold Out)

(7x) Go’s available in June 2022

(4x) Go Easy Ultimate available in Mach 2022

We encourage you to call and book/reserve your next trailer to shorten your special order wait time if the trailer is not in stock. Wait times will be lengthened as we enter the busy time of the season in the Northeast.

+++All freight charges are fully covered by the shop ($900 for Go and $400 for Go Easy), and professional assembly is included if you purchase your next SylvanSport trailer from Woodland Cycles. T

Contact Info: 607-643-3848 –