Fat Bikes at Woodland!!!


If you’re like me, moderately terrible at cross country skiing, wish to ride bikes outside all year around, and find snowshoeing painfully boring, here is the answer….a 2015 Charge Cooker Maxi fat bike. With 26×4.00 tires, Sram X5/FSA drive train, and 20 gears to choose from, you’ll be ready to cruse the trails of Otsego county once again, snow or shine.

This one is a Maxi 1 and you can pick it up at WC for $1,050! Surly fat bikes also available.

Charge is a adventure bike company hailing from Somerset, England where they’re sure use to crappy weather, and their superb engineering reflects it. Check um out at http://www.chargebikes.com/

Stop by for a test ride and plow through the snowbanks of Milford.

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